Glenview Museum


AughooBridge, Ballinamore Co.Leitrim


+353 (0)71 964 4157


 glenview_museum.jpg (Glenview Museum.jpg)


GlenviewFolkMuseumis a private collection of over 6000 antiques, historical and novel items ranging from pre famine Ireland. There is an impressive array of farmyard equipment. A collection of horse drawn agricultural machinery and a thrasher. A streetscene has a number of reconstructed shops and a pun. These are stocked, filled and equipped, as they would have existed in the past. A large set of tradesmen's tools on display indicative of the skill and the ingenuity of past owners.

A varied collection of household items such as butter making equipment, lamps, furniture, utensils and papers are on display. This collection also includes coins, ledgers, registers, posters, newspapers and other memorabilia from the past. Guided tours given. All Groups catered for. Coach/Car parking, Restaurant/Bar on site.